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Memorial News, Updates & Activities

Celebration of George's Life

Date & Time

 June 18, 2011
10 am - 6 pm

Garden Room
in Loveland
(in the Upstairs Room)

The family will be there all day to meet & chat with people.  Everyone is welcome to come & go as their schedule allows.  (Click for Directions & Map)

Volunteers needed to help with:

  • Decorations
  • Set up & Clean up
  • Food / Refreshments
  • Gifts and/or Donation Table Helpers
  • Video Crew Production Coordinator
    &/or Production Assistant(s)
  • Legacy Project Submission Coordinator(s) for: (Video, Audio, Written Word & Pictures)
  • Financially Supporting the Celebration
    and the George Flynn Legacy Project
  • Video & Audio Streaming Hosting

Bill has kindly volunteered to help administrate all the different activities for the Celebration & the George Flynn Legacy Project.  If you have any ideas, thoughts, questions of how to help, please contact:

Celebration  & Volunteer Coordinator
Bill Landridge
(970) 522-5602
Cell:  (970) 466-5602

We are building a "Volunteer List" of people who are available to help with different things.  If you'd like to volunteer, please ask Bill to add you to the Volunteer List.

He'll need your:

  1. Name
  2. Phone Numbers & E-Mail
  3. City where you live / work
    (helpful info for running errands, etc.)  
  4. What can you help with?

News & Updates

George Flynn Memoria
Class Special

Call &/or stop in and ask Kurt or Rich Wyatt for details on the George Flynn Memorial Class Special.  (The proceeds from these classes will be directly donated to the Flynn Family.)

GunSmoke Guns
9690 West 44th Ave.
Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033
Phone: (303} 456-.45.45



The family also needs people who can help run errands and/or give them rides.

George Flynn Legacy Project

Inspired by the numerous Facebook postings, e-mails and letters the family has received of how people met George, how he affected &/or changed their lives.   These have become a great comfort, encouragement and inspiration to George's Famly, Friends & Alumni.

If anyone has Pictures, Voice Over &/or Video recordings of George the family may not have, please contact Bill to coordinate getting the family copies to add to Legacy Collection.

The family has decided to share everyone's "Legacy Statements, Stories &/or Tributes" about George on the website.  Details and submissions will be posted on the "Legacy Project" page.

Celebration  & Volunteer Coordinator
Bill Landridge
(970) 522-5602
Cell:  (970) 466-5602

George Flynn Memorial Fund

Donate by Mail
Donations, Cards and/or Gifts
for the Flynn family may be mailed to:
1151 Eagle Drive, #458
Loveland, CO 80537

Please make check / money orders payable to the “George Flynn Memorial Fund”

Donate in Person
Walk into any Home State Bank and ask to deposit your donation into the "George Flynn Memorial Fund".

Volunteers needed to help with:

  • Legacy Project Submission Coordinator(s) for: (Video, Audio, Written Word & Pictures)
  • Video Crew Production Coordinator &/or Production Assistant(s)
  • Video & Audio Streaming Hosting


Voice Over Recordings

Long time friend and ally, Mark Derryberry of Derryberry Audio has generously offered for anyone who knew George to come to his studio to record their Legacy Statement &/or Tribute for FREE!

Derryberry Audio
1309 W 121st Ave
Westminster Colorado 80234
Office: (303) 456 8216
Fax: (303) 254 6304

 Video Recordings

Tom Parkin & Ian Pearson have also kindly volunteered to video tape anyone who wishes to share their thoughts at the Celebration.  They'll be set up in a separate room on June 18th to record people's memories, stories &/or how George influenced their lives.

Audio & Video Streaming Hosting

These Audio & Video recordings will be posted onto the website in a special section.  Tributes can be recorded and sent in either before or after the Celebration.  If anyone can help with Video &/or Audio Streaming Hosting support, please contact Bill, (our Celebreation & Volunteer Coodinator.)


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