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George Flynn Legacy Project

"The only way you're ever gonna change, gonna find yourself
and find happiness is to think of somebody besides yourself."

J.T. (Richard Roundtree)
"Set Apart" the Movie written by George Flynn

George Flynn Legacy Project

Inspired by the numerous Facebook postings, e-mails and letters the family has received of how people met George and/or how he effected &/or changed their lives.   These have become a great comfort, encouragement and inspiration to George's Famly, Friends & Alumni.

If anyone has Pictures, Voice Over &/or Video recordings of George the family doesn't have, please contact Bill to coordinate getting the family copies to add to Legacy Collection.

The family has decided to share everyone's "Legacy Statements , Stories &/or Tributes" about George Flynn to this special section.  If anyone can help with Video &/or Audio Streaming Hosting support, please contact Bill, (our Celebreation & Volunteer Coodinator.)


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Voice Over Recordings

Long time friend and ally, Mark Derryberry of Derryberry Audio has generously offered for anyone who knew George to come to his studio to record their Legacy Statement &/or Tribute for FREE!

Derryberry Audio
1309 W 121st Ave
Westminster Colorado 80234
Office: (303) 456 8216
Fax: (303) 254 6304

Video Recordings

Tom Parkin & Ian Pearson have also kindly volunteered to video tape anyone who wishes to share their thoughts at the Celebration.

They'll be set up in a separate room on June 18th to record people's memories, stories &/or how George influenced their lives.

Video Tributes can be recorded & sent in before and/or after the Celebration.

Bill has kindly volunteered to help administrate all the different activities for the Celebration and the Legacy Project.

If you have any ideas, thoughts, questions of how to help, please contact:

Celebration & Volunteer Coordinator

Bill Landridge
(970) 522-5602
Cell:  (970) 466-5602

Volunteers needed to help with:

  • Legacy Project Submission Coordinator(s) for: (Video, Audio, Written Word & Pictures)
  • Video Crew Production Coordinator &/or Production Assistant(s)
  • Video & Audio Streaming Hosting

Legacy Project
Below are some of the Facebook Postings & E-mails the Family wishes to share with George's Friends & Students.


Mari Hampton
Our Dear Friend George... You, Jeanie, Val, Ian and Rita are like family. You have been a Wonderful Blessing in our lives and we love you so much and always will. Peace in Christ, ~ Mari & Preston

Good bye George. I loved you so much! I will miss you always! Simply one of the finest human beings on the planet. I loved you so much! You will be missed by all.

    Mari Hampton Hi Guy, George trained my son, Preston & I for Voice-Over in your studios years ago (we met then), he and his dear family have been like our family for many years. He will be Greatly Missed. ~ Mari

No... it can't be true. I only knew you from Tengu, but you were a really good guy, I could tell. Not sure what to say. Guy' description of one of the finest human beings on the planet nails it. George Flynn was one of our dearest friends, a gentleman in every context of the word. George you modeled Christ like behavior like very few do. Mina and I will miss you dearly mate. If I didn't know for sure that you're in heaven, today would be sadder still. Our love pours out to Jeanie, Val, Ian & Rita Big Heart. Generous Spirit. Infectious Laugh. Pure Kindness. Rare Breed. A soul such as George's will be dearly missed. Peace George. We'll be thinking of you and your family. ~ Janice & Bob Knowing George is with the Lord now is my only comfort. You will be missed my dear friend George. My love and prayers to you Jeanie, Val, Ian and Rita.Bob Tortora
In loving memory..on the set of Tengu in March...a great friend, writer, actor, producer and Director...may your dreams live on friend..Rest In Peace George Flynn

Tia Grove
I love you Flynn family. Keep your heads up, thats what he'd want. A great honor knowing you George. I'll miss you.

George, it was an honor to know you. You inspired with unending kindness in a soft voice. To the Flynn's my heart goes out. My prayers go out to George's family. He was a kind man.
A true gentleman! You will be missed.

Mark Grove's album.

Farewell my friend. You will be missed.

Oh George My creative mentor and muse. You always encouraged everyone and truly cared for all. Touched all with Love and a good story. You taught me the true marvel of the story. Your passion to tell a story...I feel so bless to have spent time producing so many Tales with You. And what a masterful teller of Tales! George Flynn "Star Ranger--Protector of the Universe" I miss you.....
Dear George, Your encouragement and support for the arts, and to me in particular, will never be forgotten. Thank you so much for your ringing endorsement of my work and recommendation of my talents. You remain the definition of a man of true faith, through all your deeds, actions, and words—gracious, generous and patient always. Rest in peace.

Dear Val and Ian, Please feel free to call on me any time you'd like some feedback, support, or advice. Love, Marie (a.k.a. "Shushi")
Val encouraged me to share the following, written early Thursday morning:

The Lord brought a great man to his heavenly home yesterday morning. Many of us lost a great friend and brother -- a loving, generous, gentle giant of a man who continually blessed our lives with his laughter, encouragement, and kindness.

When he sat at
...our dining room table for 2 hours last Friday, we had no indication this dear friend had visited our home for the last time.

We are poorer this morning with George no longer a part of our lives, but this sadness will, in time, pass. Impossible as it is to know God's mind in taking this fine gentleman at this time, we go back to those familiar Scriptures that comfort our hearts, and remember the words to the old song, "When you don't understand, when you don't see His plan, when you can't trace His hand, trust His heart."

Pondering again the great, loving heart of our Savior, we curl up in the safety of His arms, and finally, we can rest.
I had the pleasure of re-connecting with George, Jeanie, Val and Ian after a 20 year absence of Flynns in my life. I spent 3 marvelous weekends working with the Flynns on the Father Harrigan film prep. I learned the what the "Flynn Factor" means.

I have never met a more generous and selfless man than George. And this extends to his fam

I just found out and don't have pocket of reality for this news yet.

May we all have the "Flynn Factor"in our everyday dealings with others.

Show your love. Put others 1st and always smile when you think of George and his infectious sense of humor.

James Lew
Meeting and working with George on the set of Tengu, I knew that I had found a lifelong friend. His spirit will continue our friendship and I am very thankful for having him touch my life. He asked me to take some pictures of him on the set because he didn't have any...George loved the movie business! "...and Action!"

 More will be added soon.



  Map to Celebration   
  Legacy Project   

If you have ideas, thoughts, questions and/or would like to volunteer please contact our:

Celebration  & Volunteer Coordinator

Bill Landridge
(970) 522-5602
Cell:  (970) 466-5602



Thought that some of George's family and friends may not know that George's love of radio and film started way back in 1963-64. Back than George and I used to create scenes for movies we hoped to make.

Taped our own radio shows that we made relatives listen to (we did get good reviews!), constructed a TV set to make our own horror film intro program, scripting, blocking and having a grand time.

In 1964 George filed the required papers and started GRF film productions. Our first and last attempt to make a movie, involved going into Manhattan, talking a motion picture rental house (ABC camera rentals) into renting a 16mm sound on film camera, tripod, light meter to 14 year olds, and purchased 400 feet of BW film.

We than spent a weekend filming our short. Sadly, the results were GRF films ran out of money and we had 400' (a & b rolled) of really terrible footage and a box of business cards.

George was one of the two best friends in my life, the other my wife Claudia. He was one of the few who went on to spend his life doing what he had hoped he would do when he grew-up!

While I have not seen or spoken to George since 1970, I have and will always remember him.

Brian Ellis

 I hope that I am not premature with this email but I feel compelled to ask for your prayer and support for the family and friends of George Flynn.  This great friend and gentle giant of a man in spirit, in love and in soul has left us this morning to return to his heavenly home and be nurtured by the love of our heavenly father.

I am at a loss as to what to say here except to tell me of my deep respect and abiding love of George Flynn.  He is and always will be my brother.

Please join me in prayer and support of Jeanie, Val, Ian and Rita in the days to come.  I know that we all love them so very much.

Good bye George, I will see you soon on the other side.

Jim Bush

 Hi Val, Ian, Jeanie, I can't express how much George has meant to me throughout our friendship. I want you to know that I'm here for you if you need any help over the next few days.  Please don't hesitate to call. Love you guys very much!!!

Tom Parkin

Val, I am so sorry to hear about your loss today, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. George will be missed so much, I am honored to have had the opportunity to meet and get to know him and you during the production of Tengu. Please let me know when his services are, I'd like to pay my respects. Take care during this tough time - if you need anything let me know.


Dear Val, I just heard of your father's passing. Please know how much I love and respect him. My heart and prayers go out to you and your family during this sad time. I hope it is O.K. to call tomorrow. Please let me know if I can do anything for you and your family.

God Bless,

Hi Val,

We left a message for you and your family.  Brad called and told us that George had passed away.  We just want you to know how sorry we are.  Your father was truly the most giving selfless person we have ever met.  He was always doing things for other people and didn't take anything in return.  His kindness was amazing and he was a beautfiul person.

We will hold you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.  Ralph and I would like to make a donation to help your family or organization of your choice.  Please let me know where I can send the donation.

Lots of love,
Hemisphere Entertainment

Dear Jean, Val, Ian and Rita,

I am so sorry to hear the news about George's passing. George was someone that I always admired for his devotion to his family, friends, and God. George was someone that told a good story and could make people laugh. George had a way of demonstrating his convictions and beliefs through the way he lived his life that was effective in teaching others to do the same. His love of his family was evident, and I know that you all miss him very much.

Jean, George clearly was a man that any woman would be proud to have as a husband. My prayers are with you as your journey continues without him. Though we know that this is God's will, the void in your life must feel enormous. I pray that you can give your worries to the Lord and trust Him to take care of all your needs.

Val and Ian, you have lost your father. I know how that feels as I lost mine too. It's almost impossible to consider life without him right now. Your father was a man of character. He stood for something and he cared about others. He will be a tough act to follow. I pray that you will be able to honor his legacy through your lives in the future.

"Therefore you now have sorrow; but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice, and your joy no one will take from you."  John 16:22

I will keep you all in my prayers. Again, I'm so sorry for your loss. May God bless you all and draw you close.

Pam Pearson

Hey Valerie,

There are simply no adequate words to express how much your dad meant to me, how sorely he will be missed, and how much my heart goes out to you and your family right now.  I cannot imagine what you must be feeling, and please know that I am available to help with whatever you may need....truly.

While I am deeply, deeply saddened by his passing - so early in life, I feel - I know he would want us to go on with our chins held high and laugh as only he could freely and so often.

I send much love and light to you, Val, and look forward to our paths crossing again soon.

All my VERY BEST to you, dear one,

Dear Jeanie, Val, Ian and Rita,

My deep and heartfelt sympathy to you and your family.  George was a great friend, and he will be remembered with love by all those who knew him.  May God's peace be with you.

Your friend,
Carl Bruning 

Val and Ian,

I am deeply saddened by this news.  I consider George a friend and mentor, and have always enjoyed the time we spent together, either working, or just catching up. 

When I first came to Denver, George was one of my first mentors.  I remember, and often repeat some of the things he said. 

I remember him saying that people will tell you how low your odds of making it in this industry are.  But what they won't tell you, is the longer you last, the more you learn, and the more experience you gain, the more valuable you become. 

Most people don't make it that far, their lives get in the way, or other things draw them away, but those who persevere, and keep learning and improving become rare, and valuable, and those are the people who do succeed in this difficult environment. 

George's advice and insight have often buoyed me when my frustrations have weighed me down.  I also remember the advice he gave me regarding working on a project for Hospice.  He said that this was one of those projects that is truly worthwhile, the rare project which you can be truly proud to have been a part of. 

Although I have paraphrased these pretty liberally, I have taken his advice with me, and have passed it on to others.  I have looked for those projects he was talking about, and tried to make my own projects truly worthwhile as well. 

George's influence and insights have meant a lot to me, and I will continue to carry them with me through my journeys.  I am sad to hear of his unexpected passing, and to know that our paths will not cross again.  I am deeply heartstricken, and my heart goes out to you, and his other close friends and family. 

Your dad was a man I respected and admired, and who I miss already.  I am sorry for your loss. 

Heath Firestone

More will be added soon.


Celebration  & Volunteer Coordinator
Bill Landridge
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