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GunSmoke's George Flynn Memorial Class Special
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Award winning Actor / Filmmaker
and the host of the "Words of Freedom" Radio Show,
George Flynn passed away April 13
th, 2011.

Celebration of
George's Life

Date & Time
 June 18, 2011
10 am - 6 pm

Garden Room in Loveland.
(in the Upstairs Room)

Celebration  & Volunteer Coordinator

Bill Landridge
(970) 522-5602
Cell:  (970) 466-5602

The family will be there all day to meet & chat with people.  Everyone is welcome to come & go as their schedule allows.  (Click for Directions & Map)



Mr. Flynn has co-produced several independent feature films and written screenplays on assignment for production companies in California and Colorado.  

Watch the "Behind the Scenes" Video, Click Here.

In recent years, he’s served as Screenwriter and Co-Producer on the Motion Picture "Set Apart" starring Richard Roundtree, (Shaft & Speed Racer) John Schneider, (Dukes of Hazzard & Smallville) and Jennifer O'Neill, (Rio Lobo & Summer of ‘42).

He was also one of the Producers on “Tengu: The Immortal Blade”, a Sci-Fi/Action Motion Picture, starring  James Lew, (Kung Fu & Inception), & Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding & CSI).

George was in Pre-Production
on his next movie,
"Father Harrigan".

George Flynn was an Award-Winning
Actor / Writer / Director
and the host of the "Words of Freedom" radio show.

Mr. Flynn has been highly active in the Media Production Industry for over 40 years and is well known for his creativity, diplomacy and commitment to the Entertainment Industry.

He's experienced in all facets of media production and he has worked on numerous projects in New York, Los Angeles, Florida, Nashville and Denver.

Some of his clients have included: United Artists, Hanna-Barbera, HBO and Turner Entertainment.

For decades, Mr. Flynn has been teaching Film Making, Scriptwriting, Acting & Voice Over classes for the University of Colorado, Arvada Center for the Arts, Colorado Film School, Art Institute of Colorado, Aims Community College and others.

Even though George preferred to live & work out of "Beautiful Colorado" and the "Majestic Rocky Mountains", his many travels have enabled him to appreciate first hand, the vast location opportunities the U.S. has to offer.

Celebration  & Volunteer Coordinator
Bill Landridge
(970) 522-5602 / Cell:  (970) 466-5602


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